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The Artistic expression of "Haute couture" ... a History ... an Art ... a Passion...

The enrichment of your belongings..... The artistic expression in so many ways. The enrichment of your belongings..... The artistic expression in so many ways.

The know how in artistic expression

Important masters of yesterday and today, possess the excellence in different techniques, different styles, different kinds, different arts : painting, sculpture, architecture... and since a century ago, photography and cinema. Artists don't remain stuck in a definite style. They have a movement, a touch, an easy expression, a look, an imagination. As our universe, they evolve.



Great artists communicate all over the world their emotions, their sensitivity, their joy, their sorrow, and even revolutionary visions. They express their message in such a way that they don't need any translation.The word prevents the relations from a country to another one, from a culture to another one.  Here, through this communication, each one will read a painting with his/her own words, his/her own interpretation, according to his/her life, his/her knowledge. There's the notion of forms, matters, colours, time that they create. In the time notion, there's an extraordinary quick allegory message. These are the ones that make us dream, enlight our hearts, and bring us back to our image. Quite often, it's also a true shock.

Sorts of painting : face picture, countryside, nature, auto face picture, religious, mythology, spiritual painting.... It also exists a sort of paintings that shows neither religious nor historic paintings, but daily life such as family life, streets, meals, parties, etc..    

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académia nissarda

 (Académie niçoise) est une société d’études historiques, littéraires et artistiques ayant trait exclusivement au comté de Nice, c’est à dire à l’actuel arrondissement de Nice tel qu’il fut annexé à la France en 1860.


ville de Nice


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Le site officiel de l'Histoire, de la Culture et des Traditions Niçoises, l'annuaire des Sites Internet en région PACA.